Driving Frustrations

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today was my third go at the driving test. The result was another failure.

So I went home and cleaned my apartment. I pulled everything off of their shelves and wiped everything down. I am now in the process of recategorizing all my food and utensils and putting them away.

This test is driving me to my breaking point. What's going to happen when I have nothing more to clean?

This is absolutely insane.


And if you'd like to know just why I have been so agitated, here's a copy of course A of the Ino driving test. I'm going to leave the picture large so you can read the notes that the person I got this from wrote on them. And don't take these notes lightly. If you don't do them exactly as they're written, you'll fail.

In fact, today I failed because my blinker turned off automatically in the middle of an intersection while I was turning. My problem was that I didn't turn it back on so I lost points. My proctor told me that if I had been on the real roads, a police officer could have given me a ticket for that.

Well LA TI DA!

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Tegan said...

OMFG I knew it was bad but not that bad. WTF!! I would say ganbatte but you need more than that. I'll pray for you (^^) your kitchen looks good

jessica said...

Poor pook! I understand how frustrating failing a driving test for stupid things is, trust me... Love you and praying you do better!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it sounds like you're getting better all the time. Stick with it. Every time you try, you're learning something new about the process. That's not a bad thing. In the end it'll all be worth it. So...you don't have to do this for a renewal, do you? And then there's the standard "Do your best...smile at everyone." You're so good at that. :-)

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