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Monday, March 5, 2007

....I think I'll try and use it more.

Operation Spring Break: Tokyo

So I'm off to Tokyo again only this time it's for spring break, I'll be going with a friend, I'll be staying in a hostel instead of with a Japanese friend (though I do plan to visit said Japanese friend) and I actually know what I'm doing!

Well for the most part anyway.

I will be gone from March 26 - 31. Spring break baby!!!

It's going to kind of stick a thorn in my genki practice schedule but I'll have to deal. I've been really good about saving my money and I'm starting to wonder why I even have it in the first place if I never spend it!!! Besides, I gotta get outta here.

This time around, I have three groups of people to visit with and many more sights to take in. I've spent a large part of today just looking up different things to do which really makes me wonder:

1. Why didn't I do this when I went the first time instead of relying on my Japanese buddy to take care of everything for me
2. Why the hell were those losers from Lost in Translation bored in Tokyo? It's FREAKIN' TOKYO!!!! (Gah, one of the worst movies I have ever seen which incidentally was written and/or directed by the same woman who did Marie Antoinette. Another wretched movie but I probably should have seen that coming.)


Oh man, oh man, oh man! Spring is totally here totally early and not only am I thrilled to be wearing tank tops again I'm also scared to death that this summer is going to be the death of me.

Yes, it's true, Nina has changed her mind yet again and ironically instead of worrying about death by winter weather, now I am worrying about death by summer weather.

This winter brought nothing more than a poor excuse for frost instead of the predicted blah blah inches of snow. Which only means that this summer is going to be record breakingly hot and I just might drown in my own sweat. I'm happy to be wearing practically nothing again but....my skin might be too hot to wear in the end. What do you do when being nekkid is just not good enough?


So I had Thia over last Friday for some dinner and Final Fantasy fun. She had only heard of the game so I enjoyed watching her learn how to use the controls and wandering around the world that is surely of a fantasy nature...in a final sort of way....

Yeah ok

So before we got to the gaming goodness we decided it would be best if we made dinner. We hemmed and hawed over what we should eat and we finally settled on good ol' salmon. Personally, when I eat a good fish I generally like to have rice with it. Thia wasn't a big fan seeing as we both eat an abundance of rice on an everyday basis.

I decided that since rice takes an annoyingly long time to cook I would start cooking it now while we went grocery shopping. And here's how it went:

Thia: Ya know, I eat way to much rice as it is, I'd rather have some good Italian bread
Nina: Ahh man! I could go for some too. There's actually this really awesome bakery down the street. Let me just put the rice on before we go.
Thia: Alright, no problem.
Nina: (walking over to the rice cooker) Ya know, it's been life forever since I've used this thing. That's so ironic because in America I was a rice cooking fiend. I just couldn't get enoug...HOLY %&$#@MOTHERINHEAVEN*&$^#!!!!

This inside of my rice cooker was green and yellow like the Green Bay Packers. Apparently, the last time I used the rice cooker I was too preoccupied to actually eat the last bit...oops

The whole this was like a big green and yellow fuzz ball. I was so freaked out by it that I just cowered in a corner until Thia told me that it wasn't exactly going to bite me. No no, instead I according to her scientific opinion, (She's some science major) I had to leave it in the rice cooker for another three days until it was actually trash day when I should throw it into a garbage bag (bin bag as she calls it) as fast as I can otherwise everything organic in the kitchen, including the water, will start growing mold.

Ok so the water won't grow mold but the Italian bread that we were about to buy would. It supposedly would just burst into moldy flames further contaminating everything else in my entire apartment! The tatami would be ruined!!!!

So I left it in there. Every time I walked past that machine I inwardly cringed. This morning I cleaned it out but I don't know when I'll ever use it again.....maybe never......maybe...

Around November, I started preparing a box to send home for Christmas. It is now officially on it's way via surface mail. WHOOO!

Do we see a trend?

*singing* Procrastination is like masturbation, in the end you're only screwing yourseeeeelf!

Also, remember that bed I wanted oooooooh sometime in January? Well I ordered it the same day that I posted about it and it has yet to get here!!! I've got the sheets and they're cute as hell but...what's the point if I'm still on the damn floor?!

I asked Kae about it and she called up the place. Turns out that it was backordered (knew that already) and it took a while to get here. It was finally shipped to the closest shipping office here in Tosayamada and somehow never made it's way to my apartment. It sat around for so long that they finally sent it back around which time Kae called. They are now shipping it again and it should be here by the end of the month. I don't know when they think they're going to deliver it cuz....I'm never here! Even less so now that I have genki practice!


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Tegan said...

Dude come up earlier if you can
the Tokyo Anime Festival ends 3/25

What are your plans? I am up for stuff if you want to hang out at all.

Also we still on for me visiting at the end of April?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha sounds like you're gonna have fun. O by the way I checked out your friends link to the website but I can't understand or read a word of Japanese, but I must admit its quite interesting the way they make websites. Its soo cute. By the way I like your new background for your blog. One question: Can you have more than one blog account?


PS. Ha ha ha Anonymous!

Nina said...

Oh! I totally forgot that people can't read Japanese. Like, seriously, I'm so bad at it that I figure everyone else is on my low level too! I guess I'm a little better than I give myself credit for....but I doubt that.

Anyway, the website is for the annual Tokyo Internation Anime Convention. I really want to go! But I don't think it'll work with my schedule. Ah well.

I'm pretty sure you can make multiple blogs with blogger. I just don't know how. But I'm like 99% positive that you can.

Anonymous said...

Tokyo Anime Festival?
Oh I hate you...

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot to sign my last comment! The one about hateing you? Yeah.
It's Miranda!

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