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Sunday, March 25, 2007

So, I have a whole lot to talk about but......I should have been in bed an hour ago so I'm going to make this fast.

1. I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow morning. Waking up at 6:30. It should be interesting and I'll think about writing about it when I get back.

2. Last week I made friends with a very nice (and quite pretty) Japanese girl who's only one year younger then me. I then got angry at her a few days later for dropping the "Can you give me private lessons and I'll pay you" bomb because I actually thought we could be friends and even though I knew deep down that she only wanted to learn English, it was still a low blow. Then I got over it once I realized that I was just tired and really worrying about:

3. Having dinner with my principal and my two male JTEs Sleepy (formerly Lazy but I thought that was overly mean) and Twitchy. It turns out that it was a whole lot of fun and my principal had such a good time that he actually giggled...again.

4. The Friday before I had dinner with my principal, I heard about a party that was being held for his retirement. Thing was, the deadline to RSVP was that Monday and I was only hearing about it the day of. Eh, whatever. I don't mind being left out...(bitter). Actually, it's really helping me learn Japanese and reading Japanese. I've started to read the schedule board a lot more and it helps me figure out when people just "happen to forget". I mean, it should be a routine by now!!! I know NO JAPANESE this isn't new people!!!

5. I got my hair cut. Erinn (whom I'm going to Tokyo with) suggested a place and so I got my pictures and got one of my JTEs to translate some instructions for me, went to the place, got a fantastic discount and I have to say, I think the woman did a better job than the woman in America!!! I died of happiness, AND they gave me the most fantastic head massage and then afterwards said "thanks for working so hard" hahahhaa

6. I'm in the process of planning a huge birthday bash with two other ALTs who also have similar birthdays, Adam being one of them (his bday is the 5th) It'll be at a beergarden which is usually an all you can eat and drink place on top of a hotel. We're expecting more than 40 people but no one has yet to RSVP and I sent the invites out three days ago.....they still have two weeks

7. I just bought some new face wash since I realized that my American stash has somehow run out (go figure). I saw it on a cute Biore commercial and thought, why not. What I didn't know was that it was called "Marshmallow Whip". No seriously, that's not even a translation error! So after using it just now...I've gotta say, there's just something about it's smell and texture that makes me strangely happy ;)

8. After suppressing my Otaku-ness, I started letting it out a little and realized that a. everyone around me is an otaku-wannabe. They all want to watch anime, they just don't know what's good and they suddenly looked to me not as a dork but as a master in the anime/manga world. And b. I totally forgot how much I love anime and manga. I am now planning a very special anime night.

9. Kae's husband was quite drunk last night and when someone commented on how slim I was he said in Japanese "Yeah yeah, she's totally slim. She's like really skinny at the top (using hand gestures) and then you go down a little bit and suddenly it's like BAM (Emeral style) there's this HUGE ASS!

10. I got a box from Christina with my bday presents in it. The fourth book of the traveling pants trilogy (say what?), the first volume of the offical companion to the Firefly series (still pains me to know it's been canceled....2 years ago!) and a fantastic card telling me how fabulous I am. Ahhhh I miss my friends!

RIGHT, now I'm off to bed! Just be happy that I wrote it out like this, lord knows if I had time I would have written a novelette!!

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Nina said...

11. I went to an English camp where I was thoroughly impressed and finally exhausted (as in the end, I got really tired). The students were everything I had hopped for. Their English was amazing and their motivation was to be admired. I really enjoyed working with them and I gave a fantastic speech at the end about how I had had this dream about Japan before coming here and since doing this camp, my dreams have come true!! (what I didn't tell them was that after coming to Japan and after teaching at Oodochi especially, my dreams had been completely shattered and I had actually lost hope that I would ever teach a group of good students who actually understood more than "I often go shopping in my free time".

Deborah said...

Hope you are having fun in Tokyo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nina! It's Miranda! I'm leaving a comment...that's okay, right? XD
YOu like Firefly?!? Have you seen Serenity? It's a movie version of Firefly...and it KICKS BUTT! You should SO see it. *nods*
Well...have fun in Tokyo...me, bitter? What? Oh no...grrrr...

jessica said...

Nina... i would just like to say that I agree with Kae's husband...you do have a delicious ghetto booty... I also laughed my ass off when I read that part and had to reread it just to make sure I had seen the BAM part correctly...Hehehe...Still makes me smile!!

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