Sunday, February 8, 2009

The truth is that I've been thinking about writing a blog entry since I came back from Thailand in early January. But I just can't bring myself to write about it. I just don't want to.

So I won't! Instead, I'm going to write about whatever else I feel like. Hopefully, I'll be writing more now that I've gotten that out of the way :)

(If you wanna know about the Thailand trip, learn how to be a good stalker on Facebook. This'll be good practice.)

Now, what's new? Not much. I've decided not to recontract. The paperwork was sent in Friday. Which means I'll be leaving JET in late July.

My next goal is to enroll in a language school in Sendai. I have a friend who is from there and her family has agreed to let me live with them. I plan to study for about a year and a half. By then, maybe I'll be able to get a job using my Japanese. But I'll wait to cross that bridge when I get there. Right now, I just want to study. And I don't want to teach English...

...Which I think is going to be inevitable. The English teaching business pays well enough here in Japan and since my Japanese isn't really good enough for me to get a job at a cafe or some place cool like that, I might have to get a part time job as an English tutor. *sigh* whatever pays the bills :P

That's all for now. Will write more later...maybe.

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