Dead of Summer

Friday, July 18, 2008

The cicadas are finally here which marks the beginning of the dead of summer. I rather like it. At least I'm not freezing! And I'm already dreading winter (ToT) it'll be nice to cool off but I just hate winter so much!

Maybe the truth is, I just like walking around nekkid...

So today was my last day of teaching until the beginning of fall. I've been sitting at my desk for more than a week now with nothing to do. I had one class today as a final hurrah and now I get to continue sitting at my desk for another 6 weeks!

But I have boredom fighting plans. Oh yes.

As for Yosakoi, we finally finished learning the entire dance! It took us exactly 7 days. This is not an easy dance! But it's much more fun now that I'm perfecting the moves I already know and not having to learn new things on top of it. Now I have to make hair appointments and figure out how to do my makeup! Ack! I have no idea what I'm doing!!!

And I can't wait to figure it all out o(^w^)o

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Jessica said...

I'm so excited! Not about the walking around nekkid, but well maybe... No, no it's definitely the Yosakoi... It sounds like lots of fun and tons of work! I can't wait to see the end result! If they don't film it again this year there might be bloodshed! Not a threat, merely a fact... Much love!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jessica. Whaddya mean "hair appointments"? Don't they want a curly-headed Yosakoi dancer? I think it'd be cute. I WANT VIDEOS!!! Hire someone if you have to.

Love, mom

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