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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nina is enjoying her Cesar salad with Cesar dressing, croutons, real bacon bits and delicious tomatoes.

Nina is beginning a book called the Memory Keepers Daughter. She hopes it'll be as interesting as it sounds.

Nina is eating an everything bagel with plain cream cheese now that she has finished her salad. Jealous?

Nina is surprised how long it took to clean just half of her apartment. It's too cold to clean the other half. She's decided to do it in shifts. Day one: heat the living room and kitchen and clean. Day two: heat the bedroom and bathroom and clean. Then vacuum all parts of the house in one sweep before she get's cold again.

Nina is gorging herself on beef jerky (she ate more than half a rope in one sitting...ewwww)

Nina is excited about how many books she got at the book exchange! Still, she wonders how she came back with more than she exchanged.

Nina is freaking out about her cookie dough party this weekend. She didn't think 12 of the 15 people invited would actually come! Now where is she going to put everyone when it's time to sleep? She's thinking of snuggling up with someone in her very own tiny but quite comfortable bed. Good thing it's a girls only night....or is it?

Nina is bored at work because she has no classes until early to mid April. She could be studying her lines for the genki musical but she's too busy reading all these new and interesting books.

Nina is eying that last half of the beef jerky (^_~)v

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Anonymous said...

Nina is...cracking me up. I tried reading that book. All hype and no substance. I didn't even finish it. Too many words that said nothing. Try DRY. It's the BEST. It's the one that comes after Running with Scissors. Really GOOD. Read it twice in two months - couldn't get enough of it. Take a look at Augusten's website and read his blogs. There aren't very many, but they're interesting.

jessica said...

Nina is fabulous, stupendous, wonderful..and I'll agree cracking me up...Hope you're sleep over went well ;)

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