I have a cold and I feel feverish

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A direct quote from the interview test I will be administering next week. My students will be given a card with pictures on it that they need to remember. They have to understand the difference between "I have" and "I feel". They can't very well walk around saying "I have feverish" now can they?

Thing is though, I can't study with them this week because I have a cold and I feel feverish. Seriously.

Monday was a holiday so I woke up really early and went about 2 hours up a mountain, waited an additional 45 minutes to find parking on said mountain, waited around in the cold for another 2 hours for the show to start only to then leave as the show was just beginning because my cold was no longer bearable. It was one of the worst days ever. I had a fever of 39 Celsius. That's pretty bad.

I had a horrible headache, a worse backache, my nose was a little runny but mostly I felt like I was going to faint. When I went to the emergency room, the doctor stuck a cotton swab up my nose which hurt WAY more than I thought it should and told me that the test came back negative for the flu but that the test was only 90% accurate. So chances are good that I don't have it but right now, I feel pretty miserable.

I stayed home Tuesday and checked my temperature all day long. I was back to normal but still felt super dizzy. Today I thought it'd be alright to go into work. I checked my temperature there as well and it was fine. But I still went home. I now have a cough and a horrible runny nose! This is the worst!!!

And I just got over TWO COLDS not THREE WEEKS ago!!!! I must be allergic to Japan. Or my students have been giving me one cold after another. Or I'm not getting enough vitamins. Or it's all of the above.

I dragged myself to the grocery store to stock up which actually was a lot harder than it sounds. I bought myself lot's of veggies and juices. I'm taking the rest of the week off. I have Genki practice this weekend as well as a choir workshop that is sure to be the highlight of my life! I don't want to miss it because I was careless!!!!

Look at what I've been reduced to!!!! Water, mango juice, mikan, carrots with peanut butter and internet tv on my comfy couch with a cute pink blank that doubles as a shall and a heater with a humidifier. Man, it looks like I know what I'm doing...but it's all a lie. I didn't even remember that peanut butter could go on carrots!!! (I had to look it up on the internet. I thought I had made it up from a false memory!)

Eating food means that I don't cough or blow my nose nearly as much. And my nose could use the break!!! Sucks that I have to chew with my mouth open though....I feel like a cow. A sexy cow. With the flu.

In other news, it snowed heavily today in Yamada. Woot

The end

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jessica said...

My poor little Nina-boo! I hope you feel better! And of course you can eat peanut butter with carrots, you can do it with apples and celery too... ;)

Anonymous said...

And then there's always soup - hot, steamy soup. Try it - you'll like it! --mom

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