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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lot's has happened in the past monthish. Mostly, all you need to know is that I've updated my gallery (link to the right) and if I get some time to put captions with the pics then you might actually understand all the things that are going on!!!

1. Kagawa and Naoshima

On one of the two three day weekends in September, Nick and I took a road trip (I drove of course) up to the very northern prefecture in Shikoku, aka Kagawa. From there we took a ferry to the beautiful island of Naoshima where we spent the day looking at various art museums. It was breathtaking and I highly recommend it. I wish I could have taken pictures of most of the things we saw but well, you know museums ;)

After going to Naoshima, we popped a tent on a beautifully deserted beach where we spent probably the worst night of my life here in Japan. The beach is meant for camping so it's not like we were trespassing or anything. But the weather forecast failed to mention typhoon style winds coming from the sea and the brochure failed to mention the wild dogs that liked to sneak up right next to your tent and then decide to get into a fight with each other. Jerks!!! I would have roasted those dogs if I weren't afraid of contracting some despicable Japanese dog disease!!!

After waking with the sun, we took down what was still standing of our tent thanks to the high winds and went off to do some sea kayaking. River kayaking is pretty relaxing. Sea kayaking combined with high winds makes for a tough trip. We rightfully thought that it would be pretty easy but well, the high waves combined with very little sleep left me feeling less than up to par by the time we were finished. With that, we decided to drive the two hours home and cut our trip short. But it was an excellent adventure and I recommend everything!!! (except the camping, a good nights sleep totally beats FREE)

2. The following week was Taikusai at Yamada high school! (sports day) Lot's of games and injuries were had!!!! Check out the pics for the highlights!

Personally, it was quite interesting at times but honestly, I don't like sports and I doubt I ever will. I didn't actually enjoy watching ALL DAY for TWO WHOLE DAYS. I would have rather studied Japanese at my desk.

3. Dodge ball!!!

Some friends decided that we all weren't quite busy enough with our normal lives so we all got together in a borrowed elementary school gym and we played a few rounds of dodge ball. It was fun and I spared myself the carnage by dubbing myself camera woman! I'm sure you'll love my excellent camera skillz ;)

4. Muroto English Camp!

Probably the best English camp yet! It was exactly what I wanted! There were actually more ALTs than campers which was awesome. And the focus was more on internationalization rather than English. We played lot's of games that all used English but were not focused on it. Lot's of leadership things. We played lot's of games that got my competitive spirit up and I loved every tiring hour of it! Plus, I got three vacation days out of it. Gawd I love playing and getting payed for it!

Check out the pics!!!

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jessica said...

Sounds like fun even with the wild dogs (the thought of which makes me laugh!) and the typhoon like winds... The pictures are fabulous!! You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place... (jealous)

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