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Sunday, June 3, 2007

This is a very long overdue post. I have so much to say and putting it off is just making the list longer and longer!!!

Sunday I spent with Nick and Company over in Katagawa for the first ever Australian Culture Festival!!! Complete with Lamb sausages and Kangaroo Burgers. Mmmm I'm sure they were delicious but I wouldn't know because I woke up with the most horrible stomach ache of my life. I tried to down play it as much as possible but in the end I had to sit out of a good chunk of the festivities even though I was supposed to be helping run the thing! (Despite being American. It's a minor detail that I'm sure all the Japanese didn't even notice)

That night I went home assuming it was just a bout of food poisoning and it'd be gone by the time I went to sleep.

The next morning I was off to Kobe for the recontracting conference! Just FYI people, if they tell you they're going to take attendance, they're fibbing!! They only took it twice on the same day and I made a serious effort to be at almost all the meetings!!! I rushed back from the hospital thinking they were going to report me to my supervisor!!!

That's right. By the middle of Monday afternoon, I was off to the hospital. I've heard so many horror stories of Japanese doctors that I was thoroughly freaked out. But in the end it was a very good experience. I had someone from CLAIR take me and the doctor was very good. He diagnosed me with an intestinal virus and sent me on my way with some medicine that was to keep me from feeling so nauseous but he wasn't going to give me anything for vomiting or diarrhea since that's the only real way to cure it. Up to that point I had had neither but I had the symptoms that led me to believe that my body was threatening me with them.

That night was the worst of my life here in Japan. I woke up multiple times to toss my cookies and the saying goes. It was actually to doctors meds that threw me over the edge I believe. But in the morning I was feeling better and by that night I was able to go out and eat some famous Kobe beef!!! At $1 a piece that stuff was gold! Delicious and highly recommended but I'll never eat it again at that price (^^)v


I skipped out of Kobe early so I could meet up with the Largo kids in Tokyo. They had been there since Monday morning and had been touring around having a great time from what I hear. Who couldn't? It's Tokyo!!!

I stayed one night with them in a gorgeous hostel and in the morning we were on our way to Tosayamada. Since getting back it has been one party after another. It's great to see how these things work from the other side of the cultural exchange. And I feel like a god for being able to translate. I guess I really wasn't giving myself enough credit but I've really gotten pretty decent about learning the ropes of the Japanese language! It's a total ego boost (^u^)

For now, I'm off to some more parties!!! WHOO

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Tegan said...

Told ya about your Japanese. I am really itching to return and truly put some effort into mine. So was that Nick's birthday you where talking about? Also how did Paul's b-day go? Since you all where in Kobe and I am assuming he was with. Arg I wish I could have gone to Largo. So much I want to do so little time and money to do it.. I am Japan-sick

Tegan said...

Arg not Paul Steve... where the heck did I get Paul???

Anonymous said...

Ah, my darling daughter, it's good to "hear your voice" on this blog again. We miss you and are looking forward to seeing you soon. I'm sad to hear your were so sick, but it's great that you're back in business again. MAN! Must've been rough.

Love, your American mom

Nina said...

Nick's party was about...two? Two weeks earlier and sadly he was surprised when the place got trashed. He should have known not to invite 20 or so drunk gaijin to spend the night (^^;) Poor Nick.

The party that I went to of his was actually an event he was putting on for his town. Lot's of kids and parents came out. It was a lot of fun!

I had to miss Stevo's party because I was going to a welcome party for the Largo Adults at the Lion's Club meeting house. Those people really know how to party. It was straight out of a comic book! Drunk Japanese Salary Men with ties around their heads and plates in their hands while they prance drunkenly around the room to poorly sung classic Karaoke!

jessica said...

Sorry you felt so bad my little Nina...Hope you're doing well and can't wait to see you soon!! Love you!

Deborah said...

So...what about Largo??

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